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1 Pair Silicone Lifesize Girl Mannequin Foot Display Jewerly Sandal Shoe Sock Display Art Sketch with Nail

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  • TG ONE【LEGEND】The most advanced appearance details so far.Hand-rendered by TG ONE's top painters and equipped with flexible bionic skeletons and bionic manicures.
  • Included: 1 Pair foot model (no nails, no jewelry and other accessories). This product is cloned from a real model's foot, a real model product perfectly renders the texture of a real model with perfect skin.

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Avoid wearing accessories of dark color or easily fade or put together with ink materials such as magazines, or otherwise it can be contaminated and hard to clean; Also avoid direct sunshine which can result in aging of material.


In the case that the item get dirty, clean it with detergent or shower gel and rinse it in water; after the item dried apply some talcum power evenly on the skin surface in order to care the item and generate a good touch feeling.